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Episode 18 - It's No SquareSpace

February 18, 2022

This week Mark and Tim talk about some of their person projects and the progress they haven’t made on them. Turns out they’re also getting old, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re senior developers. Changing careers late in life may be difficult, and Mark talks about his repo problem in github.


00:00 - Is Mark Still Teaching?
01:46 - Art Department Site Update
06:04 - Starting Simple
11:16 - Build Times
12:07 - Only Shifting The Complexity
13:52 - Senior Isn’t About Time
15:02 - Changing Careers
17:33 - The Big One
20:44 - Stakes Are Higher
23:37 - Gotta Have a Degree
24:42 - Getting to Senior
27:01 - Growing with Challenges
30:38 - Beautiful Segue
31:31 - How Many Repos?
34:57 - GitHub on the CLI
36:14 - Monorepos
38:03 - Build Scripts
43:55 - Still Don’t Have a Site
48:00 - Just use a Template?
54:27 - Site Build Dot IO
56:44 - Depends on the License
59:08 - Until Next Week

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